The Sports Car: Exotic, Fast, Evocative, Spirited, Agile, Spartan, Precise, Lightweight, Desirable, Engineered, Luxurious, Nimble, Aerodynamic, Emotional, Fun

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Ribble Valley Sports Cars is an independent automotive dealer based in the heart of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire. We specialise exclusively in the sale of high quality, pre-owned sports and performance cars. Our inventory is purposely minimal so that we may offer you the finest selection of hand-picked vehicles at an affordable price, whilst retaining a quality of service which is second to none.

If you are in the market for a pre-owned sports or performance car and we do not have what you are looking for in our inventory, we will source your perfect vehicle.

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If you already own a car that fits our profile and you are looking to sell it, please get in touch with us as we offer a range of vehicle brokerage and re-marketing options to suit your individual requirements.

From a simple purchasing arrangement to an online marketplace and bespoke client sourcing, we will take care of the whole process for you. We would be more than happy to arrange a vehicle appraisal at your home or place of work whenever this may be convenient.


Just like the cars that we sell in terms of the performance that they offer, we aim to perform equally as well when it comes to customer service and support! We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to the needs of our clients. We appreciate that, in most cases, your cars are likely to be the second most expensive purchases that you ever make. Like a piece of fine art, jewellery or a precision Swiss watch, when you are making an investment of this nature, you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and attentive service. Our recognition of this fact forms the fundamental basis of our entire business operation.

Our new website is coming soon, however, if you require information on any of the services that we offer in the meantime, please contact us on:

t: 01772 437060

m: 07576 064414